Mobile Features

Exploit the extraordinary power of iPad and iPhone.

Fieldgetics leverages the iPad’s speed and accuracy to support superior customer service in the field and utilizes the iPhone’s versatility and convenience to enhance communications with your field representative before, during, and after the job. Learn more about maintaining superior field service with real time data entry, including parts used, hours spent on the job and the immediate transmission of customer invoices by clicking on a topic below.

Job retrieval, creation, & time entry

Fielgetics Job Retrieval App

Get access to assigned jobs and equipment information. Have the ability for your field technicians to create and assign themselves or helpers to jobs during late hours. Field resources can quickly enter job labor and/or use the time clock to accurately track job hours. Access time history so your technicians can see what data has been recorded.

Track maintenance expenses

Fielgetics Track Expenses

Submit receipt pictures for vehicles, personal, or jobs to eliminate paperwork and attach to jobs to feed invoicing for costing and pricing. Track vehicle data such as mileage and expenses. Quickly transfer or report truck inventory.

Track/scan serviced equipment

Fieldgetics Track & Scan

Mark serviced equipment or add new field equipment. Scan equipment barcodes using your camera to quickly find equipment being serviced.

Custom forms

Fieldgetics Custom Forms

The desktop pro suite can design custom forms and publish them to the mobile users to be completed onsite and automatically attached in the system saving processing time.

Mobile quoting

Fielgetics Mobile Quoting

Creating an accurate quote in the field is easy when you allow your field resources to create quotes on the fly.

Customer / Internal documentation

Fieldgetics Customer Documents

Attach photos directly to the job for expenses, broken equipment and other data. Decide what photos are customer facing or for internal use. Add important notes and limit the visibility of sensitive company information.